Estée Lauder’s Modern Muse: Kendall Jenner

Modern Muse Le Rouge Fragrance

En surfant sur Internet hier soir, je suis tombée par hasard sur la campagne de pub pour le nouveau parfum d’Estée Lauder: Modern Muse Le Rouge, mettant en scène la superbe Kendall Jenner. Comme vous le savez déjà si vous avez lu mon article consacré au mannequin du clan Kardashian/Jenner, j’aime énormément son style et sa personnalité. Elle me semble simple et pleine d’humour.

En tapant #modernmuse sur Instagram, j’ai alors découvert l’existence d’autres petites vidéos mettant en scène cette nouvelle muse. Et là, j’ai craqué… Les brèves vidéos (30 secondes en moyenne), mêlent à la fois humour, dynamisme et glamour; un combo parfait pour devenir accro!

C’est donc tout à fait naturellement que j’ai eu envie de vous les faire toutes découvrir. Je ne sais pas pour vous, mais elles m’ont donné encore plus envie d’acheter des escarpins rouges (mes favoris ici) et de tester le nouveau parfum, ainsi que leur rouge à lèvres liquide.

A très vite!


Last night, while surfing on the Internet, I discovered the campaign of the new Estée Lauder Modern Muse Le Rouge Fragrance, staring Kendall Jenner. If you read my post talking about her style, you know I like her and her personality. She seems to be really nice and funny.

When I was searching for #modernmuse on Instagram, I discovered some other videos staring the new Estée Lauder’s model. And I had a big crush on them… The short videos (30 secs), are both funny and glam and it’s the perfect combo to fall in love with!

I really want to share them with you. Due to this campaign, I have an even bigger crush on red stilettos (my favorite ones here). I also really want to try this new fragrance and the liquid lipsticks.

See you soon!




This chameleon never tires of her clothes or her makeup, because when it comes to getting ready, nothing is black-and-white.

The girl of the moment always manages to stay one step ahead, taking charge of a swarm of paparazzi in a leather jacket and metallic eye.

Faster than a speeding bullet? Not exactly. This Instagirl has all the time in the world to get camera-ready.

When you’re a superhuman, all the world’s your gym. But not even chin-ups on scaffolding or moving boulders can make her break a sweat. The proof is in the selfie.

Proof that the modern woman doesn’t ask permission for what she wants, Kendall finds her most flattering light with the snap of her fingers.

Fluent in the language of makeup, Kendall finds Emoji is best spoken with a whisper of lipgloss or the raise of a darkened brow.

Why dance by yourself when you can dance with yourself? Our heroine lets her hair down three ways, swinging and shaking in a smoky eye.

A modern muse doesn’t need to worry about catching a chill. With the slightest breeze she can summon a coat and scarf as bold as her patent red lipstick.



P.S.: J’ai trouvé les commentaires des vidéos sur le site de Vogue, qui a également mis en ligne certaines de ces vidéos.

P.S.: I found the caption on, they also published some of this videos.

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